Top Team Development

We work with our clients to build high-performing teams from a group of high-performing individuals.

Our Top Team Development includes:

  • Developing acceptable, effective team behaviours.
  • Devising personal and team development plans.
  • Facilitating strategy development.
  • Assessing and improving ways of working together.
  • Defining their stakeholders, their goals and values.

We help them identify talents and skills, and through effective behaviours, deliver improved performance.

The Praesta Difference

We have been trained to international standards and use a variety of proven techniques. We have the skills to assist teams explore creative and innovative ideas and examine alternatives.

We promote ownership and encourage group responsibility, ensure there is direction and agreement on outcomes, and keep the group focused on moving towards them.

Understanding Team Dynamics

In typical type top team development we work with each team member to fully understand the issues and the underlying dynamics.

Good team work requires effective relationships and constructive rules of engagement.

Strategy Development

A growing number of top teams are continuously shaping and redirecting strategy.

We facilitate teams to create clarity around strategic issues and develop meaningful engagement within the team. As former business executives and experienced coaches, we are well equipped to do so.


An integral part of our team development programme is the process of giving and receiving feedback. One-to-one feedback sessions are central to good team development as well as the sharing of the common outcomes from our investigations.