One to One Executive Coaching

Each assignment is unique and client focused. Trust is central.

Working with our senior executive coaches is a rewarding experience that clients find stretching and stimulating.  It is entirely confidential. We create a space in which clients can talk about what’s on their mind, share insights, come up with alternatives and rehearse their next steps.

Individual Executive Coaching programmes are typically focused on:

    • High potential Executives.
    • Executives taking on new roles.
    • New executives getting up to speed.
    • Executives being groomed for promotion.
    • Executives where specific issues may be restraining their progress.
    • Executives whose good performance can be further developed.
    • Executives wishing to increase their personal impact before interview.
    • Executives coping with change and turbulence.
    • Executives wishing to build better team coherence and performance.
    • New Partners in professional firms.

One to One Executive Coaching Programmes are typically for 12 months but may be shorter where a client has an urgent requirement or as a follow-on to a previous programme.

Helping Clients Succeed

Our job is to help clients succeed using our skill and experience. We work hard to understand the agenda and design our contribution accordingly.

We don’t have a fixed approach. We challenge thinking; stimulate creativity; provide tools and techniques; give encouragement and build confidence.

We have no agenda other than the client’s. Together with good personal chemistry, which is essential, a working partnership is built based on trust.

Every client gets the benefit of fresh thinking as well as deep experience.