Board Reviews and Governance

We conduct insightful board reviews to enable Chairs and Directors improve Board effectiveness.


Reviews typically cover two aspects:

  • What the board works on – content.
  • How the board works – process including culture and behaviours.

Reviews are customised to meet the needs of each client

Typical areas reviewed include:

  • Mandate/role of the board, committees and of each member.
  • Alignment of vision and values.
  • Risk management.
  • Board members – skills, competencies.
  • Relationships and communications.
  • Key processes – meetings, information, and follow-up.
  • Individual contributions.
  • Governance – tested against best practice.

We also support Boards through implementation of agreed improvements.

Coaching Board Members

Applying our skill and experience to their individual circumstances, we help individual board members to contribute more effectively.

The Chair has a unique and challenging role and requires a different leadership style, skills and behaviours from those normally associated with a CEO or senior executive from whose ranks Chairs are most often chosen.

We work with both new and existing Chairs to strengthen and develop their performance.  Many executives who join a board for the first time find that this is an experience for which they are totally unprepared.

Using our combination of coaching skills and Board experience, we work with our clients to develop their capability as high-performing board members.

We also help talented executives become credible attractive candidates for board positions.