What We Do

We are in the leadership development business.

We believe that leadership develops faster and is more effective when ‘learned’ rather than taught for busy executives who wish to achieve their full potential and deliver the best performance for themselves and for their companies.

Services we offer

One to One Coaching

Our one-to-one coaching is tailored to the individual’s real-life leadership challenges and customised to the individual’s personal learning and development requirements.

Our coaching programmes are typically for 12 months, because we recognise that behaviour change takes time, commitment and energy. Behaviour Change is a process not an event; there is a learning cycle involved, which involves analysis, refinement and more practice; having the support of a coach through this process will help the client maintain focus and energy to achieve the desired end game.

Top Team Development and Coaching

We engage with teams as they deal with the topics that are important to the success of their organisations. We help them identify talents and skills, and through effective behaviours, deliver improved performance.

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Board Reviews

We conduct insightful board reviews to enable chairs and directors evaluate performance, identify aspects of their work which, if done differently, will improve its effectiveness.

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