PJ Fitzpatrick

“PJ brings to coaching his experience of leading large, complex organisations where many key players enjoy high levels of autonomy in their day to day work.”

T: +353 (0)1 20 66 724
M: +353 (0)87 207 3769
E: pj.fitzpatrick@praesta.ie

PJ brings to coaching a wide range of business and coaching experience at the most senior levels in large complex organisations. He is insightful and empathetic and believes strongly in the ability of his clients to develop their full potential and achieve their business and life goals.

Today’s world is ever more complex for business leaders, and to succeed, they and their organisations must successfully navigate the complexities of relationships that span the private and public sectors; legislation and regulation; stakeholders/shareholders and employees. From his personal leadership experience and through coaching many CEOs and Executives, PJ is acutely aware of the challenges and pressure being experienced by leaders in today’s fast-paced and uncertain economic environment. His clients work in the public, private and NGO sectors. PJ works with them to achieve their organisational and personal goals in a confidential space and in a supportive and non-judgemental manner.

PJ’s coaching philosophy is based on the belief that each client is resourceful and each coaching engagement is a partnership of equals with a joint aim of achieving sustainable long-term positive outcomes for the client.

He has coached clients on transitioning to CEO/Executive roles, working with Chairs and non executive board members, leadership development, developing their teams, succession planning; performance management; culture change; transformational change; employee relations; managing stakeholders; managing relationships with Government and its agencies; career planning and personal development.

PJ has an engaging coaching style, his clients comment on his ability to quickly develop rapport, build trust, listen authentically and be genuinely interested in their agenda. He does this through a supportive process of facilitating client self-awareness; skilled questioning; challenge; and by providing relevant reading and other resource material.

PJ’s personal leadership experience means he can understand and empathise with the challenges faced by today’s executives. As it first Chief Executive, he successfully established and modernised the Irish Courts Service. Before that he was Chief Executive of the Eastern Regional Health Board, then the largest health authority in Ireland.

As a non-Executive Director in many organisations over the past 20 years, PJ has deep experience of mentoring and supporting Chief Executives and other senior managers.

In 2010 he was appointed by the Government to Chair the Implementation Body for the Public Service Modernisation and Pay (“Croke Park”) Agreement. He was also, at the request of the Government, interim Financial Services Ombudsman in 2010.

PJ’s practical experience is augmented by a M.Sc. in Management from Trinity College Dublin and a Certificate in Coaching from Henley Business School, London and through his engagement in ongoing professional development in the Praesta Coaching practice.