Client Feedback

We seek regular client feedback

We ask our clients for feedback during the coaching programme to ensure that the pace and process is working well for them.  At the conclusion of a programme we seek formal, written feedback, the results of which are invaluable to us in continuing to improve the quality and relevance of our services.

Client Feedback via Quality Assurance Process

In addition to direct feedback, we engage an external, qualified Coach Supervisor to conduct quality assurance research with a sample of our clients regularly.

This research is done by extended in-depth interviews, usually face to face. It forms part of our on-going quality assurance process. The two extracts below are quotes from recent quality assurance reports, based on these third party interviews with our clients:

“The client felt he could really trust the Coach – and valued the relevant anecdotal stories the Coach was able to draw on from his own experiences.

This experience was critical to establishing the Coach’s credibility with the client. At no point did the Client feel the work was based solely on theory – which he valued highly.”

“The client shared her reflections on how her perception of coaching has changed. She had previously assumed it was for those ‘who were not good enough’ but now realises that you really need all the aids in a senior leadership role.

Without a coach she believes she would not have come through the journey. She now sees that coaching gave her a significant advantage – and light-heartedly described it as her ‘secret weapon’. ”

The following selection of client feedback quotations gives a perspective on our coaching:

“It’s almost cathartic to work with someone who understands me so well…a wonderful opportunity to talk to someone who really gets it.”

“I valued the non-insider perspective on issues which was very helpful.”

“What I valued most about my Coach was his patience, his depth of experience and his belief in the job I was doing and the impact it was having. This was inspirational at times when the role was becoming overwhelming and all was difficult!”

Client Feedback  on our coaching
“I rarely left a session without a fresh insight or idea.”

“Coach greatly reinforced my confidence in tackling difficult issues.”

“Even if I arrived hassled and busy, I always left sessions energised and with a clearer mind.”

The “intangible” way in which she led me to understanding issues for myself and enabling me to see the “woods from the trees.”

“What I valued was having a sounding board; the ability to talk things through; good questions, wise observations and help with planning approaches to various issues.”

“Coach was very adaptable and flexible – sessions were geared to my requirements.”

“I really valued my coach’s logic, experience, and speed of comprehension.”

“My coach’s vast business experience in a large organisation and international dimension was very helpful.”

“I valued most my coach’s experience, knowledge of the public sector and understanding of the issues that I face on a daily basis.”