Case Studies

Some recent client case studies…

One-to-One Executive Coaching

CEO of a fast growing organisation with an involved, and sometimes intrusive, board in day-to-day management issues. Despite a positive public image, the CEO lacked confidence in some areas. The coaching programme explored how the CEO could improve effectiveness.

The outcome was a significant improvement in self-confidence and an excellent relationship with the board. The organisation has continued to grow significantly and is regarded as a model of best practice in its sector.

Coaching for Non-Profit Organisations

Assisting the CEO of a not-for-profit organisation to cope with a rapid expansion of operations by developing a new structure while bringing along with him the managers and staff as well as maintaining the ethos and values of the organisation. Changes were introduced in his leadership style and in his involvement with important external agencies.

Challenges of Expanding Role

Supporting the HR Director of a domestically based company who faced a significantly increased role as the company expanded into overseas markets. Coaching helped her identify her strengths and the skills she needed to develop, which included influencing at senior level and effective delegation. She practiced the development of these and other leadership skills and became a highly valued member of the Executive Team.

Working with New Teams

Guiding the head of a division in financial services, recently appointed from outside the sector, to use his commercial, communication and negotiation skills to reshape and grow the business while integrating into his new environment and developing a career in it.


Client was a member of the top team in a company acquired by a larger entity and came to coaching with no guarantee of job security. The coaching initially focused on restoring the Client’s self-confidence, which had been damaged by the uncertainty around her role. The role was being subsumed into a similar but larger role in the merged entity, and was advertised in Ireland and abroad.

The coaching programme moved to preparing the Client for interview. The Client also applied for a role with another organisation, was subsequently offered the two positions and accepted the preferred position in the merged company.

Descriptions have been edited to maintain anonymity.

Our Coaching Case Studies

Coaching for New Business

Coaching a young CEO to set up a new business, recruit and lead a team in his own style, expand internationally and link with other relevant companies in the group. Significant among the issues were the managing of his time and attending to his own personal development.

Team Coaching

An Executive team where each member was highly effective in managing their own area but had limited cross-functional interaction and so the team was falling short on its potential. Working with the team over a 12 month period, they developed new ways of working together and became a tightly focused, organisational leadership team. The benefits of the improved dynamics of the team were experienced throughout the organisation.

Working Relationships

Relationships between a Board and an Executive team had become strained. Through individual interviews, feedback and workshops, relationships were improved and a shared understanding reached. The commitment of both groups to the success of the company came back into alignment resulting in a renewed energy and shared focus on growth.

Testing Team Leadership

The leadership team in a charitable organisation, while delivering excellent front-line service, were experiencing strain which was affecting relationships and potentially long-term organisational effectiveness. Working with this team over a period of six months helped them to resolve resource and relationship issues and become an even more effective and sustainable enterprise.