When is Coaching needed?

One-to-one coaching provides a bespoke approach to self-development and genuine ‘action learning’.

The essence of coaching is that the individual being coached thinks through their situation, creates a strategy for improvement, prepares and then implements plans to achieve it.  Progress and outcomes are reviewed with the coach to ensure that the maximum learning and the best possible experience are gained from the programme.

A personalised development programme is designed to meet the individual’s own agenda, pace and timescale. Using a senior executive coach, and one with experience of how business operates at the highest levels, is an effective proven means of delivering real learning, and real bottom line benefit.

How can coaching help?

  • When operating as a CEO or in a senior leadership position where getting honest feedback from colleagues can be difficult and a trusted confidante would be valuable.
  • To get a newly recruited executive up to speed in the shortest possible time.
  • To provide an individual with intensive personal development ahead of a promotion.
  • When there is a need to develop and use new personal skills in an existing, expanded, or a new role.
  • To think through a career situation where finding the correct answers is critical.
  • To provide a challenging learning experience for a senior executive in the context of their work.
  • To continue to be effective through a time of personal pressure or stress.
  • To assist Executives to work successfully with their boards and other key stakeholders including Government.
  • To be a ‘devil’s advocate’ for clients designing strategy by providing an experienced, objective and confidential sounding board.

Expected Results

Some of the benefits identified include:

  • More confident and effective leadership.
  • Improved reporting and stakeholder relationships.
  • Focus, clarity and prioritisation are improved. Improved handling of crises.
  • Fewer crises through better planning.
  • Better change management.
  • Better balance of what is urgent and important.
  • Better time management.
  • Better work-life balance leading to more effective performance.

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