Our Approach to Coaching

Ensuring good fit between client and coach

We have a well proven process for ensuring a good fit between client and coach. While each coaching relationship is unique and personalised there are, however, a number of common stages in every programme.

Coach Briefing

Executive Coaching may begin with a briefing of the coach by a senior source within the sponsoring company (with the permission of the client) about the business context within which the company is investing in a career coaching programme, and the desired benefits to the company and the person who is to be coached.

“Chemistry” meeting

It always involves a ‘chemistry’ meeting between the coach and the client firstly, to confirm that they can establish the empathy and trust essential for a successful coaching relationship and secondly, to gain a better understanding of the client’s expectations.

Agreed Agenda

It will always involve the development of an agreed agenda following a lengthy and well proven structured assessment process.  The focus of the discussions with the client is to obtain clarity about the objectives of the programme, the setting of an agreed agenda and obtaining commitment to identified and agreed actions and targets.  This contract is then developed, set down and managed between the coach and client.

Regular Coaching Sessions

A schedule of regular coaching sessions over the agreed period ensures that progress is reviewed, specific issues relating to commitments, achievements or difficulties are dealt with, and experience and insights shared.

Career Coaching

Refinement of Perspectives

As development goals are achieved this very often requires further refinement of perspectives, the setting of fresh targets and the eventual achievement of the performance enhancement which is the purpose of the programme.

24/7 Availability

Coach and client contact outside the scheduled sessions and once the programme is up and running will vary from one situation to the next. However, a key feature of our individualised service is our commitment to 24/7 availability to ensure we are there at just those times when the client most needs it.

Confidentiality Is Assured

Confidentiality is the cornerstone of every coaching relationship and is guaranteed at all times.  No feedback whatsoever is given to the sponsoring company except where the executive being coached has given free and explicit consent to the coach to do so.

The contract which may be with the client’s own office or with the HR or Finance Department, and covers such matters as fee structure, payment terms etc., is managed by a designated account manager.